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Kristin - Aol.com wrote in recently on April 25, 2000, to let us know she enjoyed the website and that she 
had recieved a response to the letter she had written to Scott.  Kristen was one of the first fans to write 
and recieved a response from Scott after the first airing of "T10K".  We thought she might to elaborate on 
this and she did.  Since then Kristen has been a regular at making contributions to this website.  If there is
something we have missed more than likely Kristen was right on top of it.  Keep an eye on this section for the
latest on what Kristen has located. 
Kristen's Corner


The Louisiana Philharmonic's
Family Discovery program of 
Peter and the Wolf which was
narrated by Scott produced
quite a bit of fan mail. 
Although we can't include every 
letter we ran through on the 
comments about this production
we have run up a summary on
the show below and are providing
some insights from Scott's visit 
with fans after the show.  The 
following info is provided by fans
who attended.

Scott appeared in a dark red 
shirt with a dark velvet coat 
similar to the one worn in the
final ball scenes of "T10K"
This seemed to be a more 
lightweight version of the original
Scott provided the voices for 
characters and was true to the
Wolf we all know and love, 
sharing the wolf scratches and

Before he began he made a remark
to Liam and asked him if he was 
okay.  Apparently Liam and Ana 
were in the balcony.

After the show Scott stuck around
for a chat with the fans.  Much of
the questions that were asked 
were in regards to Wolf which Scott
has been asked many times before.
Scott appears to be doing the best
he can answering these questions.

Some of the more new and 
interesting ones are addressed here.

Scott stated that he would absolutely
do the part of Wolf in the new sequel
and that it was just a matter of 

When asked why he did not wear
a wedding ring Scott looked offstage 
and quietly said "Ana help!"

Scott stated he had recieved fan
mail from all over the place including
Portugal, Germany, and Finland.

When asked what Ana thought of all
this, Scott replied, that she was okay 
with it as long as it didn't change his 
mind or heart.  He went on to express
that he didn't want it to either.

Scott also spent some time signing
autographs and sharing a few hugs.
Much of what was shared were more
along the lines of how sexy the ladies
felt Scott was in person.  How good 
he smelled and how tall he was.
There was some clarification on 
Scott's eye color when he was 
asked he stated that he felt they
changed in color alot, from hazel
green to brown.  He added that 
when he was depressed they were 


This webpage was pointed out to
us by Kristen - Aol. com and 
Jennifer - Satx.Rr.Com.  Thanks 
you two this was a special treat.

Carly vice - president and web
mistress for the WolfPackClub 
website made a wish two years 
ago through the Starlight 
Children's Foundation.  By the 
time they got around to Carly's 
wish her desires had changed
somewhat.  Using this chance 
to make any request she wished
she asked to be able to meet 
Scott granted this meeting and 
Carly has a great webpage up
about her meeting with Scott for
There are some excellent pictures 
and Scott supplied her with lots of 
information on what he's been 
up to.
This was a wonderful act of 
kindness on Scott's part and 
just gives us all another reason
to appreciate him.  Thanks 
To view Carly's dinner with Scott
Click Here ! 


Our local favorite fan of this website 
Kristen - Aol.com just let us in on 
some interesting news about Scott's 
"Denby" character on NYPD Blue.
Apparently one of Egroups "Students
of Denby" members had a recent 
encounter with Scott while he
was involved in a shooting of NYPD.
Not only did the woman speak to 
him, she braved getting an 
autograph and a photo.  She stated
"He is really restless and full of 
energy, really never stopping pacing 
around.  And always rehearsing his 
lines, always staying in character--
very hardworking. But when he was 
not "in character" as the edgy Denby, 
he seemed very relaxed and friendly, 
smiled a lot.  And he is as 
handsome as he is in the movies, 
never fear, gals.  He's a dreamboat."

We can't go into detail about what 
she had to say about the NYPD 
shooting without jeopardizing 
infringement rights but this does
tell you something...  Scott will be 
back as Denby !

Thanks to Meg for being the brave
soul to approach Scott.
You can reach "The Students of
Denby" through the following email.
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