Notable Quotes about Scott Cohen

"The 10th Kingdom" writer/producer, Simon Moore,
"Scott has such a extraordinary energy as a character.  To have someone psychopathic
as a romantic lead.  He doesn't know if he wants to make love to Virginia or eat her.
Scott can play it straight, but he has a slightly wild quality."

"The 10th Kingdom" director, David Carson
(Regarding working with high profile actors)
"He was not intimidated at all. In a funny way it liberated the daring side of his acting
in that he didn't bring any heavy acting baggage to the role."

NYPD Blue, co-creator and executive producer,  David Milch
"Scott is extraordinary.  For me the most interesting kind of actor is one that when
you see him, you don't know what's coming.  Scott's not predictable.  He conveys a kind
of moral complication you don't see often.  It's very rare that an actor can sustain that
kind of ambiguity and still be engaging and be the one you want to follow.  Usually 
anyone who reaches that level of preformance becomes a villian.  Scott walks a fine line.
We haven't seen the last of him on NYPD Blue."

L.A. Times
"Scott has been described as having a sort of Al Pacino - Jack Nickolson look and
sensibility - dark, intense and a little unhinged"

Bergen Records
"Mesmerizing as Wolf."

The Big Knife, Boston Phoenix
"Cohen also boasts a completely convincing sexual charisma, and in some scenes
he hits exactly the right note - like the moment when an anguished Buddy asks Charlie's
advice on how to handle his wife, having no idea Charlies slept with her.  Cohen looks like 
a pinned insect thats trying to crawl out of its skin."

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