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SEQUEL To "T10K" !

Up to date there has been alot
of rumors about the sequel to 
T10K.  With much positive letters
out there sent to fans from Simon
Moore it looks like the real deal.
Still the verifiable data is limited.

According to Scott via questions
he was asked at the recent
New Orleans show he narrated,
(See more on the New Orleans 
show in the "Specials" section)
Scott says there are promos
out there about it.
So far it appears it is a four hour
show and Showtime wants it.
Apparently NBC is still not 
interested but is still taking note
of all the fan emails etc...


Scott is now appearing on the
new series "Gilmore Girls" as
Max Medina, Rory's teacher.
A possible romance for Rory's 
mom, Lorelai?

Scott has appeared as a guest
star on the following episodes
of "Gilmore Girls".

"The Dear Hunters"
"Cinnamon's Wake"
"Love and War and Snow"

"The Break Up"
Screen Cap 1
Screen Cap 2
Screen Cap 3
Screen Cap 4
Screen Cap 5

Screen Caps submitted by Kristen Uhrig 

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