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      It wasn't Scott's role as Wolf that inspired me to do this portrait, but rather 
his determination to follow through with something he loved and was created to 
do.  Living in a world today that shows more value in monetary worth than our 
talents and inner selves,  so often miss the beauty of what we are born to do.  Gifts 
we were given to be who we truly are.

     More often than not,  it is difficult for an artist to pursue what they are good at 
so that they may survive in a restrictive society.  I can only imagine the satisfaction 
in what Scott was able to achieve by hanging in there and recieving the validation he 
has worked so hard for.

     There are so many people that should be thanked for introducing us to Scott and 
his endevours. Personally I want to send a  big thanks to Robert Halmi (Senior 
Executive Producer) and Simon Moore (writer/producer) for introducing us to Scott 
and Wolf, virtual unknowns.

     Scott runs through "The 10th Kingdom" like a kid in a candy store.  Obviously 
enjoying every minute of playing this rich role.  Its a  wonderful break for any artist 
to be unleashed in this expression of emotion.  I can only hope that Scott will be 
recognized for his colorful possibilities.  

     I have always worked with graphics and it is the very reason I connected to 
computers. Computers have given me the opportunity to do what I enjoy and share 
it with others.  Although this is true I seldom pursue my love and that was always 
doing portraits.

     So all in all.....this artist picked up a brush stroke,  with a little inspiration from a 
hard working actor chasing his rainbows,  and took a little time to create what she 
really loved to create.

     Thanks Scott......for hanging in there.....for the inspiration......and a big wish that 
you will  be able to....... "encompass everything that you are"....... again.


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