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Emmy Award-winner Camryn 
Manheim ("The Practice") stars in 
a contemporary "Cyrano de 
Bergerac" tale of an aspiring stand
-up comic in an original, made-for-
television movie, "Kiss My Act," 
premiering MONDAY, APRIL 23 
(8:00- 10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC 
Television Network.

The film also stars Scott Cohen 
("10th Kingdom," "NYPD Blue" ), 
Emmy Award-winner Dabney 
Coleman ("Stuart Little" ), Academy 
Award-winner Marlee Matlin ("West 
Wing," "Children of a Lesser God" ) 
and Alexondra Lee ("What Women 
Want," "Party of Five"). Ms. Manheim 
is also co-executive producer of the 
movie, the first time she has served in 
that role on a project.

Samantha "Sam" Baker (Ms. 
Manheim), bartender at a popular New 
York comedy club, can't find the 
courage to perform her own smart, 
edgy material. Having spent her life as 
a "big" girl in a beauty-obsessed world, 
she's convinced that only petite, curvy 
girls get successful careers in show 

Therefore her strategy is to give her 
best one-liners to Jennie (Ms. Lee), 
one of the club's wannabe stand-up 
comedians. Jennie is decidedly talent-
free, but she expertly compensates 
with bathing-suit-model assets. When 
Michael True (Mr. Cohen), the talent 
scout for the U.S. Comedy Arts 
Festival, makes his annual visit to find 
prospects for this major career-making 
showcase, he is captivated with Jennie 
--both on and off-stage.

Jennie begs Sam to help her keep 
Michael interested and amused. She 
agrees, but soon finds herself falling in 
love. Michael is too, but is it with Sam's 
razor-sharp wit or Jennie's knockout 
looks? Is love - like beauty -- only skin 
deep? Sam herself is not lacking for 
friendly support. Comic legend Henry 
Rooney (Mr. Coleman), who suffers from 
his own performance phobia, makes 
valiant efforts to get her to take the stage. 
And very pregnant best friend Casey (Ms. 
Matlin) encourages Sam to see herself 
as truly beautiful. As the final selections 
for the festival are made, Sam discovers 
the true importance of love, friendship 
and an audience's ovation.

In a special appearance, Phyllis Diller 
portrays herself as host of the comedy 

Also starring are Christopher Shyer as 
Tommy Keane, Wayne Federman as 
Wayne Frommer, Fred Stoller as Fred 
Stillman, Pablo Francisco as Pablo 
Fernandez , Heath Hyche as Heath 

"Kiss My Act" is directed by Duane 
Clark ("The Practice," "Family Tree," 
"The Protector" ) from a script by 
Kevin Hench. Laurence Mark ("Center 
Stage," "As Good As It Gets," "Jerry 
Maguire" ) and Ilene Amy Berg ("Sophie 
and the Moonhanger," "Cracker," "Baby 
M" ) are executive producers of the film. 
Ms. Manheim serves as co-executive 
producer. Greg Copeland is the 
co-producer. "Kiss My Act" is a production 
of Laurence Mark Productions and Berger 
Queen Productions distributed by 
Columbia TriStar Television Distribution.

submitted by Kristen Uhrig 


The Odyssey Channel has listed 
Scott appearing in '10th Kingdom' 
on Saturday, April 14, parts 2 
through 5 (aired consecutively).    
I'm assuming they left off part 1 by 
mistake.  That being the case, the 
entire '10th Kingdom' (parts 1 thru 
5) will air from 12:00 noon through 
10:00 p.m. (eastern time) on 
Saturday, April 14 on the Odyssey 
cable channel.  Ten glorious hours 
of Scott in one day!

Tv Now also listed that Scott will 
appear in two episodes of 'The 
Gilmore Girls' (both reruns) on the 
WB network:  1) Monday, April 2 at 
9:00 p.m. (eastern) -- 'Love and War 
and Snow' (episode 1.8--Scott's 3rd 
appearance)  2) Thursday, April 12 at 
8:00 p.m. (eastern) -- 'Paris Is Burning' 
(episode 1.11--Scott's 4th appearance)

The A&E network will re-air the 'Law 
& Order' trilogy in which Scott plays 
Eddie Newman, a movie director whose 
ex-wife is murdered.  It will be aired in 
three consecutive days:1)  Monday, 
April 2 at both 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. 
(eastern) --'Judgment in L.A.:  D-Girl' 
(episode 7.15, originally aired 3/13/97)
2)  Tuesday, April 3 at both 1:00 p.m. 
and 7:00 p.m. (eastern) --'Judgment in 
L.A.:  Turnaround' (episode 7.16, 
originally aired 3/20/97)
3)  Wednesday, April 4 at both 1:00 
p.m. and 7:00 p.m. (eastern) --
 'Judgment in L.A.:  Showtime' (episode 
7.17, originally aired 3/27/97).

submitted by Kristen Uhrig 

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Recently on the Aol Chat Scott 
mentioned he may be making a 
Movie of the Week with Camryn 
Manheim.  Sure enough just in is 
the news that "The Last Laugh" is 
now in production as of 6/5/00 for 
ABC.  Read more about it through 


April 12, 2000
On viewing a recent "pay per view"
movie, "Double Jeopardy"  we did 
a double take when we noticed a 
young man flirting with the lead 
character.  Yep sure enough it 
was Daniel Lapaine. Just shows 
you, Scott isn't the only alone in 
the small parts. Someday, some
where, someone out there just 
may treasure that little piece of 


(Submitted by Kay -
Nasty rumor that the 10K video orders 
taken at the 800-NBC-1500 number were
all lost. So I called and sure enough they
had no record of my order.  And were very
unsympathetic. Also called NBC customer
support.  I just emailed the following to 
every nbc site I could find, thought 
I'd share:

On Monday, March 6, I ordered the 10th
 Kingdom video/book/cd package based 
upon a number you advertised on your 
network - 800-NBC-1500.  I used an 
American Express card and was told it 
would be two weeks.

Well there is an email circulating that 
many orders were lost, so I called both
your customer service number and the 
800 number above and was told that, 
sure enough, there was no record of my 

I am very dissatisfied with the uncaring 
attitude this problem was met with - 
first, the NBC employee blamed it on 
the 800 number folks, and offered no 
sympathy, no alternative, nothing, 
except "have a nice day."  I called the 
800 number back and was told it must 
be NBC's fault.  I really don't care whose 
fault it is - I just want my videos on time!  
I've already been waiting for two weeks, 
and think it would be appropriate for your
(very wealthy) company to express the 
orders out to those of who have been 
lost in the mess. It's not OUR fault - you 
hash it out with the company you hired 
to take the orders, make them pay for it, 
whatever, but do right by us!

I'm copying this email to all of the Cohen
 websites, which are visited by thousands 
of people every day - tens of thousands - 
we are your CUSTOMERS - please take 
care of us!
Kay -

Website Comments :
Kay wanted this info distributed to as 
many sites as possible. 

Not all orders were lost see the 
following comments from other

I read your post about the NBC orders... 
Not all were lost.. I ordered the special 
package also... The only thing is that I 
recieved it in 4 weeks and not 2.
Melanie -

I wanted also to say I ordered my copy 
of The 10th Kingdom after the second  
show finished.  I was told that my order 
would be in within two weeks.  After two 
weeks and no package I called NBC and 
asked about my order.  At first they also 
said they had no record of my order.  I 
calmly told the customer service person 
I did place an order.   When they did a 
search using my credit card number they 
found it.  They apologized and said that 
due to the overwelming response that!
 they had run out but the latest shipment 
had arrived and I woild be receiving my 
order within two weeks.  Lo and behold It 
arrived.  It took a total of four weeks but it 
was worth it.  Viewing this without all of 
the interruptions from commercials is 
Sherry - Flash.Net


believe it, not only did Scott not 
receive an Emmy nomination,the 
only thing the 10th Kingdom is up 
for is best opening/title 

I was even hoping for a best guest 
star in a series nod for Harry Denby 
on NYPD Blue.

I'm bummed because Scott REALLY 
deserved it, and a nomination or win 
have done wonders for his lackluster 
publicity. I guess the only thing to do 
now, short of a protest,is to find out 
how to campaign for Scott in the 
People's Choice Awards. 

Submission: Kristin -

Season Finale, NYPD BLUES

Scott appeared in the 2 hour 
season finale : Airdate May 23,
9:00 - 11:00 pm.  Did you miss
it?  Kristen from AOL did a great
summary on it and you can find
it on the Reviews section of this
website.  Reviews

Well Scott's Aol chat is over 
and it was great to be there.  
We logged the event.  See what 
he had to say here -
Logged Chat -
featuring Scott Cohen


Scott will also be doing a AOL 
online chat on May 16, 2000 at 8:00 
p.m ET.For more information go to : 
AOL chat info
Scott will be there 
to discuss the People Poll results and 
his guest-starring role in the season 
finale of NYPD.


Scott didn't win the Most 
Beautiful Poll but he did place
3rd as a runnerup with 206,418


The Wolfpackclub has had contact with
Scott Cohen's PR agent and reports
Scott will be appearing again in NYPD
Blues.  Scott is to appear in the 2 hour 
season finale : Airdate May 23,
9:00 - 11:00 pm.  Please check your
listings for time zone.  
Scott also is to appear in 2 more 
episodes as Harry Denby. Shooting was
in L.A. the end of April.


The Hollywood Reporter has stated Scott 
Cohen will appear in a pilot called "Silent 
Witness on NBC.

At current there is no published 
verification from NBC.

The Hollywood Reporter also includes this
disclaimer : 
"The data/material provided 
by The Hollywood Reporter is provided 
on an  "as is" basis and any or all
warranties of any kind or character 
whatsoever,whether express or implied,
including, without limitation, any 
warranty of merchantability or fitness 
for a particular purpose, are hereby 
expressly disclaimed. The Hollywood 
Reporter does not guarantee or warrant
the sequence, accuracy, timeliness, or 
completeness of any such data/material."

Bottom line?:  Some pilots never 
make it to the screen.  Keep an eye
out for this one.


The Official "10th Kingdom website
states Cohen will be in "King of the 
Jungle" directed by Director/Screen-
writer, Seth Rosenfeld. 
Rosenfeld also directed another film 
Scott appeared in, "Brother's Keeper".

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