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Scott Cohen data, info, and interviews plus "The 10th Kingdom" related sites.
Sky Productions Interviews A fun interview with Scott, in print and in sound. Alot of laughing and joking around plus wolf howls. (Link update: Recently Skyone removed this interview. We have requested the new archive address for it but until then you can listen to the media file here.) NBC chat transcript With the cast of The 10th Kingdom, includes Scott. Just Adventure Interview with Scott Cohen regarding "Ripper", VR Game. People Magazine "Introducing" (Online Interview available to AOL users only. USA Today article "Cohen is living the fantasy" Entertainment Weekly "Call him Mr. February", "Far From 'Perfect", "Jack To The Future". Bergan Records "An Actors Season To Howl" A BreakTV review of The 10th Kingdom. Includes movies for online viewing. Interview with Scott included. In Depth Ripper Review : Scott talks about the VR game.
We recieved a couple great tips on spreads done on Scott and "The 10th Kingdom" Tom Mayo from SFX MAGAZINE - March 22, 2000. Sent us a nice response stating that they had given quite a bit of coverage to "The 10th Kingdom" and will be doing more on it in the future. He states that Issue 63 had a nice set report feature, with pics and there was a brief mention of it in issue 62. (Thanks Tom !) Sharon from let us know she purchased two magazines from Britian. One was CULT TIMES issue 55, April 2000 has a four page layout on Scott , several pics and an interview. TV Zone issue 125, April 2000 has an extended article about "The 10th Kingdom" this one has only one shot of Scott but also includes other cast members. (Thanks Sharon !)
So far the databases list little information on Scott except for a list of credits. This will be updated if any better listings become available. IMDB Database The Internet Movie Database
"The 10th Kingdom" CAST SITES
Check out Burly, Cinderella, Snow White and the Huntsman so far. OFFICIAL sites of some of the cast members of "The 10th Kingdom".

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This cute little gif was created by Katie D. Katie is an excellent anime artist, (Japanese Animation) You can read her stories and see more non- Scott movies Katie has animated by clicking the picture.
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