Kristen Uhrig was one of the first fans to write and get an answer from Scott after the first airing of "The 10th Kingdom". ... Kristen continues to be a faithful fan and donates a great deal of info to this website. This webpage is dedicated to Kristen and will be where you now find Kristen's input. Enjoy!

A Cohen Wonderland
This is great! A rendition by Kristen Uhrig to the tune of "Winter Wonderland".
A Early Letter
Date: April 26, 2000 ......and one of our favorites. Kristen sent the letter below shortly after the first airing of "The 10th Kingdom" *************** Believe me, I was very surprised to recieve something personal back from Mr. Cohen. His was the first fan letter I've written in my 36 years, but his tour de force performance in " The 10th Kingdom" simply demanded praise. In the letter I thanked him for providing my family of six a reason to look forward to watching a TV show together. My four boys loved the fairy- tale aspects of "The 10th Kindom", but my husband and I were thoroughly entertained by the complicated, neurotic, ravenous, and ultimately lovable Wolf. Scott demonstrated a rare ability to handle comedy, drama, and romance and make it work in one character. I told him that his portrayal was unlike anything I'd seen before. The only thing I could liken it to was Shakespeare's ability to convey human emotion with words. Scott can do it with tone of voice, unexpected facial expressions, beautifully choreographed gestures, and even the way he walks into a scene. He sent back an 8x10 signed photo, the close-up black and while shot that appears on many web-sites. He said he was proud that he could bring such good thoughts to my family and thanked me with "wolfish exuberance". As much as I'd like to see him win that "Most beautiful people" cover on the upcoming People Magazine (just his hair could win that one), I'm really hoping that he'll be offered work that will be a venue for his multi- facted abilities. It may sound strange, but I think one of the best things we can do for him as fans is pray for him and ask God to bless and protect his family. Everyone knows what a mine- field is for marriages. Scott is a really fine actor, but his role as husband to Ana and father to Liam is the one we should also remember to be supporting. Your fellow fan, Kristen

Kristen's Scott Updates
Kristen regularly sends in news and updates on the information she locates on Scott. We felt Kristen deserves the credit for these contributions. Kristen's additions are distributed throughout this website according to catagory. *************** Nov. 29, 2000 This just in at Kissingtown. Great news... Kristin, Scott has set up an e-mail address where people can start writing to him. It is If people want to receive pictures they should still write hard mail and it is so helpful to Scott that they send self-addressed envelopes because he likes to do it all himself.He wanted you all to know that Gilmore Girls' next episode with him is airing Dec.14th. And he will let you know when the next one comes up. He will be shooting another one in January and his 4 NYPD Blues will be airing starting in January. Not sure of the dates yet. News is that he has a development deal at NBC for this coming season where they are trying to find him a show to do. A new show. All that hard work by you all has really paid off. Not to mention how proud he is to be the sixth sexiest man alive!!!!! That really made him feel so good. He thanks you from the bottom of his heart. The Camryn Manheim show will air in April. Again not sure of the date yet. He wanted to thank all of you who came to New Orleans. What a fun time. Shelly is working on getting him more situations like that. His brother and the orchestra thank you too. Well that is it for now. I am sure he will contact you soon. In the mean time while he is busy at work doing one of his wife's plays in New York he wanted me to write. Sincerely, Bob First Artists Assoc.

Kristen's NYPD Fan Fiction
(Please note this fan fiction is PG rated) Here's a real treat !!!! Kristen like lots of NYPD Blue fans just plain wanted more of the character "Det. Denby". Kristen has written her own fan fiction and you can read it by clicking on the above link. For your convience you can also reach it by chapter sections through the following links. The Tango One for my Baby - Part 1 One for my Baby - Part 2 One for my Baby - Part 3 Strangers in the Night - Part 1 Strangers in the Night - Part 2 Nocturne - Part 1 Nocturne - Part 2 Three strikes and a prayer - Part 1 Three strikes and a prayer - Part 2 I'm just Wilde about Harry - Part 1 I'm just Wilde about Harry - Part 2 You deserve a break today - Part 1 You deserve a break today - Part 2 In the Mood - Part 1 In the Mood - Part 2 Opus 9 - Part 1 Opus 9 - Part 2 ***************
Scott, Movie Reviews by Kristen
You can find the following reviews Kristen has supplied for this website at the following link. ***************
Personal Reviews
Kristen has viewed and commented on the following other appearances Scott has been filmed in. Gilmore Girls NYPD Blue Perfect Murder, Perfect Town Vibrations Wharf Rat Gia Gotti Mambo Kings New York Undercover Jacob's Ladder

Signed Autographed PHOTO
 from Scott
Photo contributed by 
Kristen Uhrig. 



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