- series -  Cast as: Max Medina
Created by : Amy Sherman-Palladino
Executive Producer: Amy Sherman-Palladino
Executive Producer: Gavin Polone 

 - miniseries - Cast as: Wolf 
Written by: Kathryn Wesley 
Co - Producers:  David Carson & Herbie Wise
Writer/Producer: Simon Moore
Senior Executive Producer:Robert Halmi Sr  (Hallmark Chairman)

 - series -  Cast as: Detective Harry Denby
Episode: "Brothers Under Arms" #7.6,  Aired 2-15-2000
Producer: David Milch
Director: Jeff McCracken
Writer/Producer: Simon Moore
Co-Producers: David Carson & Herbie Wise

NYPD BLUE - series - Cast as: Detective Denby
Episode: "Denby" #7.5, Aired 2-8-2000

 - miniseries - Cast as: Steve Thomas
Script by: Larry Schiller


Advil - Commerical - Cast as: Only actor

Passat - Commercial - Cast as: Driver,
Passat Mov Pictures

CrossEyed - Movie - Cast as: Melville


Phoenix - Cast as: miscellaneous crew

GIA (Carangi) - Movie - Cast as: Mike Mansfied
Director: Michael Cristofer
Producer: James D. Brubaker 
Producer: Jim Brubaker
Screenwriter: Jay McInerney
Screenwriter: Michael Cristofer
Screenwriter:  Stephen Fried
Gia: Angelina Jolie

GIA - Screenplay
Calista Flockhart
Berkshire Theatre Festival, Stockbridge, Mass

 - Movie - Cast as: Rapist
Director/Screenwriter: Seth Rosenfeld 
                (Seth Zvi Rosenfeld - film debut - A Brothers Kiss)
Rosenfunk Pictures, Ltd. Production
Released April 25, 1997

The Big Knife - Screenplay - About working in the movies.
Cast as: Charlie Castle
Written by:  Clifford Odet
Directed by:  Joanne Woodward
Niko's Stage of Williamstown Festival


F/X -series - cast as : Gunman
Episode: #2.02 "Siege" 9/29/1997
Writer:  William Gray
Director:  Doug Lefler
Episode Guide

 - HBO series - Cast as: 
Written by: Tom Fontana
Directed by: Jean de Segonzac
Episode: #1.3  "God's Chillin" The Vast Indifference of Heaven Aired 7/21/1997
Episode Guide

Law & Order - series - Cast as: Eddie Newman
Episode: #7.17 Judgement in L.A. " Showtime" Aired 3/27/1997
Producer: Ed Sherin

 - series - Cast as: Rod Nesbitt
Episode: # 1.4 "Missing Pieces" Aired 3/26/97
Dick Wolf
Wolf Films
Episode Guide

Law & Order - series - Cast as: Eddie Newman
Episode: # 7.16 Judgement in L.A. "Turnaround" Aired 3/20/1997

 - series - Cast as: Eddie Newman
Episode: # 7.15 Judgement in L.A.: D-Girl Aired 3/13/1997

Camp Stories - movie - Cast as:  Schnair

Fall  - movie - Cast as: Derik

Private Parts aka Howard Sterns Private Parts - movie - 
Cast as: Friend


Gotti - movie - Cast as: Gene Gotti

Final Vendetta - aka - Surrogate Mother aka - 
Sweet Evil - Japan/English Title - Movie -  
Cast as: Michael Miller
Director : Michael Paul Girard
Director : Rene Eram
Screenwriter : David Thoreau
Producer : Simon Tse
 Final Vendetta poster

Ripper - Virtual Game - Cast as: Jake Quinlan
Casting Agents: Sheila Jaffe - Georgianne Walker
AFTRA - The American Federation of Television Radio Artists

The Crucible - screenplay


Roommates - Movie - Cast as: Attending Intern

Vibrations aka Cyberstorm - Movie - Cast as: Simeon

The Wharf Rat - Movie - Cast as: Matt Martin
Pictures on front page from Wharf Rat.


NYPD BLUE - series - Cast as: Eddie Reyna
Episode: # 2.7 "Double Abandando" 11/29/94
Episode Guide

One Life To Live - Soap Series - Cast as: Ray Martino



Mambo Kings - Movie - Cast as: Bernardito - The Mambo King's Band



 aka Dante's Inferno 
Cast as: Resident Doctor
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