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PeopMagFJR:     Welcome Scott!  Thank you for spending time with us this evening. 

Scott1Cohen:      Thank you for having me. 

PeopMagFJR:     We have lots of good questions from our audience tonight...
                          so lets get started.. Here's our first question...

Question:     Scott:Thank you for brightening a lot of your fan's day by chatting with
                   the lot of us.  My question is..   have you found yourself a bit 
                   overwhelmed by all the attention you have received since the 10K?
Scott1Cohen:      Yes, slightly overwhelmed. But loving every minute of it.

Question:     Scott, I loved "The Tenth Kingdom"! If you were the director of the mini-
                   series, would you have done anything differently?

Scott1Cohen:      No, I wouldn't have done anything differently. It sounds like YOU
                          would have done something differently. But, actually, what I would
                          have done is made my part a little bigger. Ha ha.

Question:     Could you tell us what happened to Wolf between Kissingtown and the

Scott1Cohen:      I think that he went back to the Queen and figured out a way to 
                          manipulate the Queen to get Virginia.  But that's what I think.

Question:     Is there going to be a 10th Kingdom sequel... if so are you signed?
Scott1Cohen:      I am not signed to anything. I have heard that there is a network 
                          that is interested in  making it a series. I would not be interested 
                          in making a series of it but I would absolutely be interested in 
                          making a sequel to the miniseries, a two hour or four hour show. 
                          And I would do that in a split second. But I think that the rating of 
                          its first time out, according to NBC, were not quite as good as 
                          they wanted them to be, sadly enough.

Question:    HI Scott, I'm Lori - loved the 10th Kingdom!  Wolf was so romantic 
                  what's the most romantic or outrageous thing you've ever done to get 
                  a woman's attention?

Scott1Cohen:      LOL I traveled half way across the world without them knowing that  
                          I was coming. How's that, Lori?

PeopMagFJR:     LOL

Question:    Please tell us about antics on the set of The 10th Kingdom...

Scott1Cohen:      Antics on the set? It's been so long. I'm sorry, antics are escaping 
                          my mind at the moment. Every day was a hysterical adventure. 
                          One of the funniest things to happen was the dog, the gold dog
                          was throw into a lake at one point and they had to dive down to get 
                          it because it was thrown in by somebody -- I can't tell you who -- 
                          who hated it with a passion. Somebody had to dive down to get it in 
                          a lake in Austria because there was only one of them. It was truly 
                          one of the funniest things that happened on the set. But not to the 
                          producers. He was a little wet but ok.

Question:   We've all been drooling over the "towel" scene from Gia- were you nervous 
                 at all about doing that scene? What did your wife think of it?

Scott1Cohen:      I had no idea that that scene was going to happen. Until we were on 
                          set and the director decided all of the sudden that I should be naked. 
                          And me being the "actor" that I am, said, sure, OK, that's good to  
                          me.But then everybody thought maybe I should have a towel on me. 
                          And itwas great, because it was a character from the late 70s, early  
                          80s and he was very into his own world and extremely egotistical and  
                          no matter what he looked like underneath, he couldn't care less. And 
                          luckily my wife thinks that what I do in a film or play or TV show is 
                          what I do. And so it's very objective for her. So she loved it, she  
                          thought it was risky and wonderful. And wanted to peak under the 

Question:   Out of all the many roles you have played, what role do you feel you put  
                 the most of yourself into? Who's most like you?

Scott1Cohen:      Wolf. Absolutely no doubt about it.

Question:    Are you planning on doing any other shows in the near future?

Scott1Cohen:      Yeah. I mean I have some NYPD Blues that are coming up tonight 
                          and next week. And I have a movie of the week that I think I'm going 
                          to do with Camryn Manheim.

Question:   I really enjoyed your work in NYPD Blue and 10K.  Which type of character 
                 do you have the most fun portraying....good or bad.

Scott1Cohen:      Well, the answer simply is the most fun is bad usually. But the most 
                          interesting is someone who's bad but there's redemption to him. 
                          So the archetype is somebody who is like Darth Vadar who is pure
                          evil but you find out in the end that theres something good about him 
                          at one time. So those are most interesting to play. If they're just 
                          good then they're probably not very true. Because everybody has a 
                          little dark in them, don't they?

Question:   Is your role in NYPD blue anything at all like you?

Scott1Cohen:      No. But there are things about him that are. No, but I can detail that. 
                          Denby is a lost soul, which I relate to and he's lonely and he's 
                          searching for someone to save him. And I have definitely been there.  
                          So I guess really it's that yes, there is part of him in me.

Question:    How old were you when you knew you wanted to become an             	

Scott1Cohen:      I didnt' really know until I was probably about 18 but I had always 
                          done things that were very performance oriented. Lots of make 
                          believe stuff.

Question:   Are you getting feature film scripts to review, is there a movie in the 
                 near future?

Scott1Cohen:      I am getting film scripts to review and I hope there is a feature film 
                          in my future, my near future. There are a few that seem close, but 
                          nothing yet.

Question:   Are you the type of actor that will take most any role given to you, or do 
                 you really have to love the movie as a whole before you will take it? Have 
                 you always been this way?

Scott1Cohen:      I pretty much have to love the whole movie. Or the movie as a whole
                          and see how my character fits into that. But there have been times 
                          that the character is just so interesting that I just feel drawn to the
                          character and feel the movie will work if I do it really well. At the  
                          same time I've had to make choices for financial reasons and for  
                          career reasons which is just part of the business and I think that I  
                          feel like those are the hardest decisions to make because I do like  
                          to consider myself an artist and I do try to remain true to that.  And 
                          yes I've always been that way. 
Question:  Whom do you admire professionally? Do you have a favorite actor or 

Scott1Cohen:      I have lots of 'em. I could bore you to death with how many people I
                          admire And I can give you those people: for example, Robert De Niro,
                          Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Debra Winger,Isballa 
                          Giaonni, Dirk Bogart and the list can go on and on and on. And 
                          directors like Martin Scorsese and Terance Malikc Lisa Kruger. The 
                          list can go on and on. But actors and directors I dont' really aspire to. 
                          I aspire much more to musicians and painters, people who have 
                          nothing to do with film and theater, for some odd weird reason. And 
                          what I'm usually moved by in a piece of work is like a script I read 
                          is so good and I want to work on, it could be anybody.

Question:   How do you feel about your recent 3rd place win in the PEOPLE's "Most 
                 Beautiful People Poll"?-Wolfess

Scott1Cohen:      It feels very wonderful. I feel honored. I'm a little blown away by it, 

Question:   What are some of your hobbies aside from acting? I've heard you are 
                 musically talented as well! 

Scott1Cohen:      I play the piano a lot.
                          I take care of a lizard named Lizzie by my son.
                          I read alot.
                          I play sports, basketball and softball.
                          And I love more than anything rock climbing.

Question:   You've played a lot of dark, serious roles, but in the 10th Kingdom you 
                 showed a real flair for comedy as well as being the romantic lead. Are you 
                 pursuing any of these other types of roles?  Your fans would really enjoy 
                 seeing you in something lighter.

Scott1Cohen:      Yes, I am, and I would too. I'd like to see myself in lighter roles too, 
                          and thank you. That's sweet.

Question:   I am disappointed to hear that Silent Witness was not picked up for the 
                 fall lineup! Is there a chance that it may be picked up later on, or will it be 

Scott1Cohen:      There's a slight chance it might be picked up for midseason. And 
                          then there's a chance it might get sold to somebody else. But that's 
                          a very difficult process. My understanding is that it did well on 
                          network tests but for some reason it didn't get on. I find it very 
                          But life goes on.

PeopMagFJR:    Scott, we know you are a very busy man.  We have time for one last 

Question:   What's your advice for kids/young adults who want to start acting?

Scott1Cohen:      My advice to kids and young adults is to really, if it's something they 
                          want to do, try to find yourself in situations that you're really truly 
                          enjoying it. If your objective is just to reach celebrity, you'll never be 
                          satisfied. It is truly a beautiful thing if you can find yourself having fun 
                          and learning about yourself and using it as steps in your life journey.
                          And remember a very famous thing that Bill Russell said, the  
                          basketball player:  "It's just what you do, not who you are."

PeopMagFJR:    Thank you so much for spending this time with us tonight, Scott. 
                         Any final thoughts for your fans?

Scott1Cohen:      Thank very much it's been a fantastic ride, having people contact me, 
                          having people write to me, it really truly moves me that I have had
                          such an effect on people. It's exactly what I wanted to do in the first 
                          place when I started acting. It feels all worth while, the struggle.
                          Thank you.

PeopMagFJR:     And thank you so much audience for your wonderful questions!

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