Scott Cohen, 38, 6 foot 1. - Born - Dec. 19, 1962, in The Bronx, New York. Married in 1989 to Anastasia Traina, Screenwriter, 39. Son Liam, born 1995. Graduated from State University of New York at New Paltz. Non-acting work includes being a substitute teacher, photographer's assistant, bike messenger, toy demonstrator and waiter. One of five children of jazz musician, Jack Cohen, 76 and his late wife, Leatrice, a teacher. First began performing while practicing piano.


"For quite a while I lived on beer and Snickers bars," says Cohen of life before prime time.

The son of jazz musician Jack Cohen, 76, and his late wife, Leatrice. Scott, 38, first began performing while practicing piano in his native Bronx. "I'd get out a long black coat," says Cohen, "flip up the coattails and pretend I was Leonard Bernstein."

A trio of plum acting jobs kept Scott Cohen away from his family for nearly 11 months last year, but 4-year-old son Liam hardly noticed. As the two relaxed in their New York City apartment last December, recalls Cohen, "He saw David Schwimmer on the TV screen and said, 'Look, Dad. It's you!'" People Magazine "Introducing" (Online Interview available to AOL users only.

Regarding Work

"This time last year I was reading to go out for pilot season," says Cohen. "This year I'm entering pilot season again, and now I can say I've done some of the most incredible television work"

"I read scripts, and I find myself saying it is going to be hard to match those things I did this year," he says, "But I have to be careful, (not to be too selective), because while I might feel different after all this work, I don't know if the industry feels different about me." USA Today article - "Cohen is living the fantasy"

Cohen is bemused by his sudden popularity after more than a decade of struggling. "There were times when I really wished I could do something else." says the actor.

Only in the past five years through his acting has he supported his wife, screenwriter Ana Traina, and their 4-year-old son, Liam. Before that, he made ends meet as a substitute teacher, photographer's assistant, bike messenger, toy demonstrator and waiter.

"I served Al Pacino a cappuccino when I was working at Jerry's in SoHo," Cohen says. "He gave me a $5 tip." L.A. Times- "Talk About an Actor Being Well-Networked" by Nancy Mills.

One of five children of a Jazz musician and a teacher, Cohen has come to semi-stardom via a circuitous route. "When I was a kid, I wanted to be a musician," he says. "but I didn't have the discipline. In college, I took a course in clowning and became a circus clown. My teacher had a theater company, and I auditioned and got in." LA Times see "Talk About an Actor Being Well-Networked"

"I've gone through periods of thinking about quitting acting. I spent seven years auditioning for Ed Sherin, and I thought I wasn't as good as I should have been. I met my wife afterward and wept uncontrollably, telling her, 'This will never happen. If I can't measure up to my own expectations, how will I measure up to anyone else's? I'll never amount to anything. 'Twelve hours later I got a call, saying, 'They loved you.'" He didn't get the role, but six months later Sherin remembered him and cast him in "Law & Order's "Emmy-winning trilogy, "Judgment in L.A."

Cohen hasn't shed any tears recently. In fact, when he got "The 10th Kingdom" role, he decided it was time to spruce up his wardrobe.

"I had these 8-year-old black shoes that I'd worn holes in walking to auditions all over Manhattan, and I decided to throw them out. My wife said, 'Don't. Those are the shoes that got you where you are. It's powerful to see what comes from the result of a struggle. So I kept them. I might need them again." LA Times : "Talk About an Actor Being Well-Networked"

Passat Commercial - "People recognize me on the street from that," he says. "Its bizarre."Entertainment Weekly interviews: "Call him Mr. February", "Far From 'Perfect'", "Jack To The Future".

Perfect Murder, Perfect Town

Beginning last February, Cohen spent seven months preparing and shooting 10th Kingdom. A week after Cohen returned to New York from filming in Europe, NYPD Blue producer David Milch called and offered him a limited-engagement recurring role. "In a second, I said I would do it,"Cohen says. "But the day before I left, I auditioned for JonBenet. I didn't really want to audition. I have a kid, and my mother had just died. So the topic wasn't appealing. But I got the script, and I said, 'Why is this script so good?'" USA Today : "Cohen is living the fantasy"

On playing Detective Thomas - "The media just kind of pounced on Boulder, Colorado, and here's Steve Thomas. All he ever wanted to be was a cop. This case destroyed him and he resigned," says Cohen. Bergan Records: "An Actors Season To Howl"


On playing Denby, an alcoholic, tried to get Detective Diane Russell, a recovering alcoholic, to drink with him. "You're talking about a scene that really kind of delves into the mystery of what it is to be alive as an alcoholic, and it's a horrible place to be" he says.

The actor -- who also played an FBI agent in an episode of the first season of HBO's "Oz" -- says that Delaney has been "pushing' exectuve producer David Milch to continue the Russell-Denby story line. "David has said that there might be more episodes, but I haven't gotton a phone call to come back." says Cohen, who's "taking a break," and among other things, plans to take his 4 1/2-year-old son to amusement parks in Los Angeles. Bergen Records : "An Actors Season To Howl"

The 10th Kingdom

"He, (his agent), "thought I was perfect for wolf," says Cohen. "Other characters use part of you, but Wolf encompassed everything I am--anxious, neurotic, intense, romantic, subtle, complicated. I knew they'd never cast me. They'd want a star." LA Times : "Talk About an Actor Being Well-Networked"

"If you stick with it and follow the story of Virginia, it's a great story,"says Cohen. "It's a very literate television story, and it will be very sad if people don't watch it." "It was instinct," says Cohen of his acting approach. "That might sound weird...But the bestiality is something that's in us somewhere" "I was so connected to him. His bestiality came out of his neuroses, and that's something I could relate to."

Scott remembers an incident in the waiting room, when he suggested to a woman auditioning for the Virginia role that they read line together. "I started reading with her, and this vocal thing started happening in my throat, this growling. I was completely unaware of it." Cohen recalls, laughing. "She got strange, and said, 'I think I should work on this by myself.'" Bergen Records : "An Actors Season To Howl"

Having completed his February hat trick, Cohen is back in front of the camera, this time in home movies with Liam. "They did the Three Little Pigs over Christmas," says his wife. "Liam directed, and Scott played all the parts. Of course, he was especially good at being the wolf." People Magazine: "Introducing"

"I'm glad you think I am a celebrity, LOL."says Cohen. "But I think that the difficult thing is being seen as your character and not as a human being, It was a very very fulfilling and challenging playing this role. It was part of a lifetime. It is different and I do hope that people see that I have the opportunity to play roles similar to Wolf in the future. Rich, complex characters" NBC chat.

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