6424 210th Ave SW
Centralia, Washington 98531

Near Grand Mound

1.5 miles from I5 Exit 88 (click for map)
RonJennings@KaishinKai (DOT) com
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(360) 273-6064

DanzanRyu Jujitsu in the Kodenkan tradition

Affiliated with the following organizations:
Jujitsu America,
the ShoshinRyu Yudanshakai,
and The American Jujitsu Institute

What is the tradition?   Check out Danzan.com

Link to other DanzanRyu Organizations

KaishinKai Class Schedules:

The Evergreen State College
                  Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
                            Sensei Sue Jennings

Main Dojo - Centralia/Grand Mound
                  Monday evening   7:00 PM to 9:00 PM      (Colored Belt Class -
                             Professor Ron Jennings              Green Belt and above)

                  Special Seminars   - various dates and times

                  Private Lessons/Personal Trainer

Monthly Dues  $40 approximately $85 per term at Evergreen or $40 per month at the dojo but this may vary depending on the location or number of     classes.

Note: For many years the dojo mascot was a Hybrid wolf. He was very friendly and would eat just about everything. 120 pounds of fang and fur with a five pound wet tongue were a little intimidating.  He loved to knock you down and sit on you. He probably wouldn't have eaten you but when he was sitting on your chest gently licking your throat you can clearly see he was mostly wolf.
We had to tell students "do not attempt to enter the compound to the Dojo, until after you have been introduced as a non edible item, and even then remain cautious."
Now that Sappo has passed away we no longer have that caution. but dropping by or visiting  the main dojo without prior notice is still not recommended. Keeping a hybrid wolf is legal in this county but the responsibility of owning a hybrid wolf required appropriate containment, therefore the stockade fencing compound where the dojo is still located.

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Professor Ron Jennings

KaishinKai Dojo, 6424 210th Ave SW, Centralia WA 98531
(360) 273-6064, e-mail: RonJennings@KaishinKai (DOT) com


Menkyo Kaiden title of Kyoshi – Prof. Sig Kufferath

Menkyo Kaiden title of Shihan – Prof. Anthony Janovich

Professor DanzanRyu Jujitsu – Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai



Shodan Black Belt 1st Dan Kodokan Judo


Rokudan, Black Belt 6th Dan and Professor recognition with the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai
Rokudan, Black Belt 6th Dan with Jujitsu America
Rokudan, Black Belt 6th Dan with American Jujitsu Institute
Yodan, Black Belt 4th Dan with the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation


Shihan, Professor, 7th Dan with the World Ju-Jitsu / AIKI-Bujutsu Federation

Shihan, Professor, 7th Dan with the European Samurai Ju-Jitsu AIKI Society

Shihan, Professor, 7th Dan with the Nippon Yawara Ryu AIKI-Jitsu Renmei

Shihan, Professor, 7th Dan and Certified 7th Dan International Instructors License with the Samurai Ju Jutsu Association International

Shihan, Professor, 7th Dan and Certified 7th Dan International Instructors License with the All-Japan Seibukan Martial Arts & Way Association

Shihan, Professor, 7th Dan and Certified 7th Dan International Instructors License with the Kamishin-Kai International

Associate member of the Martial Arts Grandmaster International Council (MAGIC)

Ron Jennings began his martial arts career in 1956 when his father enrolled him in boxing lessons, then into a junior judo and wrestling program. In 1962 he discovered Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and started a lifelong devotion to the art. He received his Jujitsu Shodan in 1966 and his Kodokan Judo Shodan in 1976. In 1993 he received the teaching title of Kyoshi, and in 1999 he was promoted to Rokudan (6th Degree Black Belt) and given the title of Professor of DanzanRyu by the ShoshinRyu Yudanshakai. Professor "Imi" Okazaki-Mullins personally presented Ron his Professor's belt and as she bowed remarked 'my father would be proud.' In 2003 Ron received the Menkyo Kaiden title of Shihan. In 2005 Ron was given honorary promotion to 7th Degree Black Belt by the World Ju-Jitsu / AIKI-Bujutsu Federation. He also received honorable international recognition from a number of other jujitsu organizations including 7th Dan Instructors License and Certified International instructor.

Ron opened his first dojo in Coos Bay, Oregon in 1968 and has been a school head ever since. While living on the East Coast to pursue a career in computer science, he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, the Navy and Bell Research Labs before returning to the West Coast and settling in Washington state. He has operated a dojo in the Olympia, Washington area since 1978.

Ron is a licensed massage therapist and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. He has received several national awards and honors including: the Outstanding Service Award from the Amateur Athletic Union where he served as jujitsu committee chair for 15 years; was co-recipient of the Wally Jay Award; was Instructor of the Year and named to the Black Belt Hall of Fame by Jujitsu America.

Ron’s dojo, KaishinKai, is located just south of the state capitol of Olympia, where he is a senior technical manager. The dojo has several class locations including an on-going program through the local college, and hosts numerous clinics and a summer camp each year. Ron is well known nationally as cane master and his seminars across the country on use of the cane by people of limited mobility are quite popular. Ron is currently the Pacific Northwest Regional Director for Jujitsu America. He is also an active life member of the American Jujitsu Institute and with the ShoshinRyu Yudanshakai.


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SENSEI Sue Jennings



Danzan Ryu Jujitsu

Yodan – Jujitsu America (Life Member)

Yodan - American Jujitsu Institute (Life Member)

Yodan– Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai (Life Member)

Shodan – American Judo & Jujitsu Federation (Life Member)

Menkyo Kaiden title of Renshi – Prof. Anthony Janovich


Taekwondo – Shodan


KaishinKai Dojo, 6424 210th Ave SW, Centralia, WA 98531

(360) 273-6064, e-mail: SueJennings@KaishinKai (DOT) com


Sue Jennings began training in martial arts in 1984 studying Taekwondo and earned her Shodan from both Grandmaster Young Hak Lee and then the World Taekwondo Federation in 1987. In 1989 she began studying Danzan Ryu Jujitsu from Ron Jennings and received her Shodan in 1995. She is currently ranked as a Yodan. Sue has studied massage therapy from Prof. Sig Kufferath, Prof. Lamar Fisher and Leif Grunseth, an Olympic massage therapist. Sue is a life member of several Danzan Ryu organizations and is a member of the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors (AWMAI). She also received the Menkyo Kaiden tilte of Renshi after intensive Okugi training from Professor Anthony Janovich in 2003.

Sue has been teaching Danzan Ryu Jujitsu at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington since 1998, and is assistant instructor at KaishinKai Dojo near Centralia. She also teaches women’s self-defense classes. She has taught at national conventions for Jujitsu America, Shoshin Ryu, and taught at Ohana 2001 in Hawaii and at Ohana 2003 and Ohana 2005 for the American Jujitsu Institute. She is co-director of Kamp KaishinKai, an annual summer camp held in Washington state.

Sue has been recognized with the following awards: an Ohana award from Jujitsu America, Presidential Awards for Distinguished Service by JA in 1997, 1999, 2000, and 2001, and was co-recipient of the Wally Jay Award. At Ohana 2001 in Hawaii she received the Samuel S. Luke Distinguished Service Award from the AJI.

Sue is a graphic artist, and former editor of the Jujitsu America national newsletter.. She was also named to be the Custodian of Records for the new Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Kodenkan Alliance that encompasses all jujitsu organizations practicing the arts of Danzan Ryu worldwide, along with Olympic Judo Coach Willy Cahill.

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